ADA Compliance

Accessibility • Accountability • Empathy

Accessibility for disabled customers equals empathy.

And empathy for all your potential customers improves the bottom line. In fact, accessibility is the law. Is your website accessible?

The American's with Disability Act (ADA) was created to provide equal access to people with disabilities. It was expanded in 2010 to include digital media and websites.

This is an evolving process in which the judicial system determines compliance. Businesses who aren’t creating equal website experiences for disabled people are not only missing out on potential customers, but they are also subject to lawsuits.

Want to learn more about how your website can be accessible to everyone - do you want to be able to sell to more people? click here.

If you have been served a lawsuit, call ASAP.

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You can limit the judgement against you by hiring a reputable firm to bring you into standards compliance after a suit has been brought or lost.

Evolve Solution websites are accessible to all individuals and follow the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines as dictated by the ADA.

We will ensure that your site meets or exceeds a minimum standard needed for your particular business.

Evolve Solutions offers internet and marketing strategy-based solutions at an affordable price, with varied options in payment structures.

Work with us to learn how we can help you expand your top line while decreasing your bottom line.

Who must be compliant?

  • If your company sells online.
  • If you accept money from the Federal Government.
  • If a primary way of contacting you is by digital media.
  • Some judges have ruled that all businesses must be compliant.
If you have sales customers, you should ensure your digital footprint is ADA compliant. You will reach more people, sell more, and you won’t be sued for ignoring the plight of others.

Who has been sued for Digital ADA Compliance?

  1. Greater than 2,000 lawsuits in 2018 were filed for accessibility issues
  2. Winn-Dixie
  3. Beyonce
  4. Peet's coffee
  5. Cornell University
  6. Domino's
  7. One lawsuit per hour was filed in 2020

Empathy → Connection = $  

What are the benefits to becoming ADA compliant?

  • Rank higher on search
  • Sell more
  • Increase revenue
  • Stave off lawsuits

Why Evolve Solutions?

We’ve been following ADA guidelines and standards since our inception in 2002. Here's a story from one of our founding members.

Let Evolve Solutions help you increase your revenue and save you many dollars as well.

... and we're   Level Triple-A conformance,
            W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0   compliant!